Ramp Service

Ajwa's staff work hard to ensure that airlines operate their flights on schedule and in accordance with international safety standards. From the point of the aircraft landing to departure, Ajwa's technical staff perform crucial tasks such as aircraft push back, cleaning and maintenance, using a wide range of functional and modern equipment. Ramp handling is one of Ajwa's core activities where we offer a complete range of aircraft services for all types of aircraft including freighters. Safety forms the backbone of our operations on the ramp and all our staff are appropriately trained and familiar with the safety procedures required while operating equipment or performing tasks in or near the aircraf.

Check out our equipment

  • Loading and unloading of baggage, mail and freight
  • ULD storage facilities
  • Push back and towing
  • Marshalling
  • Water and sanitary services
  • Ground power Unit
  • Air starter Unit
  • Air conditioning Unit
  • Station control ( Red Caps )
  • Load control (weight & balance, load sheet)
  • Aircraft cabin cleaning