First of all, I would like to thank everyone, who interesting to view ‎our web site; which is Ajwa Aviation Services, our aim to ‎achieve our customers’ needs and covering their requirements, which is ‎our service based on, Safety, Quality, Efficiency and Security.‎
Secondly, Ajwa is Air Transport Services Company that was established in 2007 and has expanded in all Libyan airports i.e. Tripoli, Mitiga, ‎Srite, Sebha, and Benghazi international airport... ext. All Libyan ‎airports. ‎
In the above-mentioned airports, we provide all types of services ,including handle all types of aircrafts and ‎our company's services are all under one roof, at some airports ‎sometimes we subcontracting the services. Our operation is base on ‎‎24hour 7 days a week and our staffs are all aviation trained.‎
To deliver a full handling service as shown below :-‎

Passenger Services
  • Airport ticketing sales desk
  • Arrival and transfer services
  • Baggage services
  • Check-in services
  • Dedicated passenger services
  • Gate and departure services
  • Lost and found services
  • Operation of airport lounges
  • Special passenger and VIP services
  • Surface transport of passengers and crews
Planning and Management Services
  • AFP filing
  • Crew administration
  • Flight operations assistance
  • Fuel planning
  • Irregularity operations support
  • Liaising with various port authorities
  • Load control and communications
  • Station control
  • Station representation and supervision
  • Weather briefing
Ramp and cargo services
  • Aircraft loading/unloading
  • Baggage sorting
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Cargo and mail handling
  • Full export & import document handling including AWB check
  • GPU, push-back
  • Mail handling
  • Mail handling
  • Water & toilet services
Other services
  • Aircraft line maintenance
  • Aircraft servicing and cleaning
  • Catering services
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Executive aviation handling
  • Fueling
  • Ground support equipment maintenance
  • Security services

Finally, we hope to do business together, which is based on reliability, ‎good faith, and trust to each other, in order to cover all your demand.‎